October 4, 2022
Queen Elizabeth II funeral latest: The congregation takes its seat at Westminster Abbey

Members of the congregation, dressed in black, take their seats at Westminster Abbey in preparation for the funeral service for the late monarch, which begins at 11 a.m.

Coaches carrying heads of state and government and others invited to the funeral are pulling up outside the abbey, which opened its doors at 8 a.m.

The doors of Westminster Hall closed and the last members of the public to pay their respects filed in front of his coffin as Queen Elizabeth’s reign officially ended at 6:30.

Buses are taking police and security personnel to various checkpoints around central London.

London on Monday, which is a public holiday for the funeral of the late monarch in Britain, has calmed down and normal life has returned to the streets around Parliament Square without overcrowded traffic.

Large screens have been set up across the UK, including in London’s Hyde Park and Belfast’s City Hall, so people can watch the service, while some cathedrals, theaters and cinemas are streaming the event.

Crowds are filling Hyde Park, which will be one of the sites across the UK that has installed large screens to allow people to watch the service, and a festival-style atmosphere is being created.

Mourners are gathering on picnic blankets in front of eight large screens around the park, streaming footage of the Queen’s life to classical music.

Coffee stalls and burger bars are being set up around London Park and are serving customers from around 7am.

A barista said, “However, we will not see the funeral itself, as the screen is not visible from their stall.”

Elsewhere, some cathedrals, theaters and cinemas are streaming the event.

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