October 3, 2022
Flying Bike: The air-flying bike has arrived, know how much is the price

Flying Bike : You used to see helicopters flying in the air till now, but now road bikes are also seen flying in the air. The air-flying bike has been named XTurismo, which is also known as the hoverbike. The air-flying bike is made by the Japanese company Airwins.

Exturismo was debuted in the city of Detroit, USA. The co-chairman of the Detroit Auto Show told after the ride that the XTurismo is a great bike, it is also very comfortable. He explained that while running XTurismo, it looked like it was brought directly from science fiction movies. He told that while flying in the air, he was feeling like a 15-year-old child.

The XTurismo bike will be able to fly in the air for 40 minutes at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Hover bike sales have already started in Japan. Airwins Technology is preparing to launch this bike in the US markets by next year. If we talk about the price of XTurismo, then it is currently selling for more than US $ 770,000 i.e. more than Rs 6 crore. The bike is available in Black, Blue and Red colours. Talking about the specialty of XTurismo, it has a great look, XTurismo has been designed like the look of a sports bike. The XTurismo is a petrol powered bike.

If you also want to buy the world’s first air bike (XTurismo), then you can first order by visiting the website of Aerwins Technologies. Currently this bike is available in limited edition.

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