August 13, 2022
Yacht owners complain of extremely high diesel prices

Yes, filling your car’s gas tank is expensive—but leave a tear for those who have yachts.

“It used to be $2,500 to take my boat out for lunch, but this year it’s going to be $5,000,” a number-crunching yacht owner who docks in the Hamptons told The Post complained.

He said that while it was his captain who actually did the refueling, he still felt pain when it came time to pay the bill.

“It cost 72% more to get the boat from Florida to New York this year,” explained another as his boat traveled from one particular marina in Miami to another in Montauk.

At issue is the price of diesel, which rose significantly more than gasoline during this year’s energy crisis. A gallon of gasoline averaged $1.03 nationwide this week, compared to a year ago. But a gallon of diesel was up more than $1.77, according to US Energy Information Administration,

The high price of diesel is reaching 1%.
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Premiums were even higher in the mid-Atlantic region—from $2 to $5.52 per gallon according to the agency—an area that includes the swanky Marina in the Hamptons.

Yacht owners are particularly concerned about the premium they pay at the local dock. Since there are only a few places to refuel in the Hamptons, boat owners are at the mercy of the marina. A boat owner estimates that they charge at least an extra dollar or two per gallon of diesel.

Needless to say, sympathy from dock owners is in short supply.

Yacht owners are concerned about the cost of diesel, making boating more expensive.
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“Everyone yawns but all the docks are still in capacity,” one dock owner told The Post, predicting that even as the 1% “bitch and moan”, they are unlikely to change their behavior. .

“Rich people can be very cheap with certain things. Spending a thousand dollars on lunch is not a problem, but paying an extra hundred dollars on fuel will bother them,” said the dock owner.

“There are millions of people who cut coupons and give them to the crew to buy groceries,” says the dock owner. “It sucks, but if you’re complaining about the car filling up, it’s a necessity. The boat is a luxury so it’s a bit deaf.”

“There are people worth crores who cut coupons,” said a source.
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A large boat of about 70 feet will burn about 130 gallons per hour just to keep the engine running. When it’s actually sailing it will get even more use.

A super yacht like the Eclipse – Roman Abramovich’s over 500-foot ship – holds about 1 million liters of fuel and costs an estimated $1.8 million to fill its tanks, based on diesel prices in the eastern Mediterranean. where the boat is stationed. A full tank eclipse takes 6,000 nautical miles – the length of a round trip between New York and London.

Other owners say that when they put the price of diesel in perspective, it doesn’t sound too bad.

“Fuel is the least of my cost,” said one yacht owner. “Full-time crew and maintenance is $750,000 a year… so yes.”

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