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If you wish to Be A Winner, Change Your Denver Broncos Jerseys Free Shipping Philosophy Now!

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[Review of the event] Little in the seventh week: Pony won the name of Mei Nang
Pony 30-23 Texas

Rely on its own hard technology and the second line of Texas, Xiao Ma 4th, Jacobi BRISETT) 39 passes of the game 26 times, advance 326 yards, 4 times of passing Helping the Pony to win the name of the United States. External hand Zach Pascal completed 6 battles, pushed 106 yards, reached 2 times. The famous Texas people gratiate T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) completed 6 battles, pushed 74 yards, reached once.

Texas is not completely giving up resistance. They have been forced to give up four consecutive times, but they have two copying, one strong failure, and a safe division is not helpful. In the end, Darius Leonard copied Deshaun Watson passed, let the game lose suspense.

Watson has completed 23 times in 34 times, pushed 308 yards, reached once, and copied twice. External handwhel Fuller and the cutterick johnson were injured.

Jihu 27-17 Tiger

At present, the Jaguji is temporarily missing Jalen Ramsay.

In this kind of animal discharge, the Jaguji Focus caused the ball translation in 4 times, and the opponent offensive group restricted below 300 yards.

3 migration transformations from the Passing of Andy Dalton were copied. YANK NGAKOUE, completes a copy of the Dalnie Harrison, which is secure, and Ronnie Harrison. Harrison also got a drop, forcing the fall against the gorvant D. J. Hayden (D. J. Hayden).

The red area of ​​the offensive group is worrying, and the four redestrooms in the four red areas ended by Josh Lambo, and the remaining is Leonard Fournette (LONARD FOURNETTE) Strong failed. The four points of Gardner MinShew 32 passed 15 times, advance 255 yards. Tiger is relying on the Dalton Dalton Daltton of junk time to make the final score look good. The defensive group is good in the first three sections, but the fourth quarter still needs to be strengthened.

Viking 42-30 lion

Three-week time can change a lot.

Before three weeks ago, Kirk Cousins ​​was full of illness. Three weeks later, he has contributed three performances in the perfect game. This week, Cossins were completed 24 times, and the 337 yards were promoted, reached 4 times, did not be copied, and did not be killed.

The Dalvin Cook is equally excellent, and the shock is promoted to 142 yards and completes the reach of the wins. When you need to stop your opponent, the lion defensive group is very unfortunate.

External hands Marvin Jones, completed four games for cheap nfl jerseys for sale the lions, helped the Vanteri players, but the team’s loss will probably let him be too good.

Viking people currently 5-2, and only a winner from the partitioned package.

Ram 37-10 Falcon

The ram was killed in the Swan Matt Ryan, and the final ankle of Ryan was injured. Matt Schaub was in the last time, and he also helped the falcon completed the only one. Array.

The ram has also caused two ball translations, compared to the second line of Jay Ramse, and the promotion of this contribution. Although Ramsse did not start the game, he was indeed guarded against Julio Jones.

Falcon has various problems, including attitude towards attitude. Due to Devonta Freeman, Due to the depression, Aaron Donald came to a punch, and he was also expelled. Although this approach is wrong, taking into account that he was talled by Donald like a child, he would be so angry.

Slim 27-21 giant

Patrick Peterson has an outstanding contribution.

Peterson killed the giants in Daniel Jones in the competition, and forced the opponent to the ball, Hasson-Reddick. The red scitch finally made Zane Gonzalez completed any cheap jerseys free shipping kick, with a 27-21 game.

Speedson forced the ball soon, Chandler Jones just completed his fourth time, he also made Jones fell a ball in the third quarter. Jones was also copied once, and he was killed 8 times. He completed 22 times for 35 times, promoted 223 yards. This season has been converted in hand.

The giant runs to Weasen, Saquon Barkley, 18 times, advanced 72 yards, reached once. His second half is a little lame, but the overall looks hurts.

The red ramp runs to the CHASE EDMONDS, 27, advanced 126 yards, up to 3 times, is the main hero of the red ramp.

Bill 31-21 Dolphins

Dolphins have more time to get together in a few weeks before the game, but they will return to the old way in the second half, let the opponent take away the victory.

Dolphin III has used a false ratio to complete 4 gears, and the Matt Haack advances 2 yards to complete the first attack. But after Ryan Fitzpatrick turned down, although he retained the ball, he lost 10 yards. He is attached by Trevis WHIT (Davious White). Bill rely on 20 yards of John Brown to get a leader.

Dolphins take over Preston – Preston Williams dropped the ball under White, Jerry Hughes got the ball and attacked 11 yards. After the 3 files attack, Cole Beasley completed 3 yards to reach the lead, further expanded. Fitz Patrick has 1:45 when the game is 1:45, completes 11 yards, but they will be obtained by Bill Safety Wei Mika-Hyde, Hyde attack 45 yards to complete .

The four-point Swan Alan (Josh Allen) completed 16 passes, pushed 202 yards, reached 2 times.

Package worker 42-24 raid

Rely on the 31st pass of the pass, 25, advanced 429 yards, reached 5 times, while the ball reached once, the passman scored 158.3. cheap Green Bay Packers jerseys online Bay is lightly wins. It seems that the influence of Davante Adams is not large when you receive Davante Adams.

This 5 times of passing a five different players: running guards, Aaron Jones, Aaron Jones, Jamal Williams 2, Jack, Jack – Ku Mei Jake Kumen 37 yards, Jimmy Graham 3 yards, Marquez Valdes Scantling, 74 yards.

DEREK Carr (Derek Carr) has completed 22 times, advanced 293 yards, reached 2 times, but 2 cost high ball translations let them eventually defeat. At the same time, the raids were fouled in the first half of the field, and they were all fined 87 yards, and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping many reflectants were also required.

However, the raid people also have some optimism: Josh Jacobs is still excellent, Darren Waller’s ball is still worth looking forward to.

49 people 9-0 red skin

Not at the best victory, but 49 people still have no defeat.

In this rainfall, the entire grassland almost became a mud. This also leads to the low efficiency of the two teams. But 49 people are relatively good in the second half.

Jimmy Garoppolo, the first half of the first half, only 10 yards, and the third section is also copied once. He has completed 12 times in the audience, promoted 151 yards, as long as it is a victory.

The red skin is actually a good, and the defensive group does limit the San Francisco attack. However, the quartz Kazikikink, Case Keenum, is unable to attach, and he has completed 9 times in 12 times, and the 77 yards were promoted, and they were killed 3 times.

49 people have only allowed 10 points for the opponent in the past three weeks, showing their strength.