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Less = More With Wholesale Jerseys Online

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Cox felt guilty for the first time in his career
Fletcher Cox rushed into the end area like the bulldozer and completed the first to stand up to the career. But after the game, Cox frankly, and he maybe in advance before entering the end area to avoid reaching.

At that time, Philadelphia eagle was ahead of Jacksonville America with 27-17 in unveiling. At that time, cheap nfl jerseys for sale the Jaguji had been suspended. Trent Cole was taken cheap nfl jerseys from china the other four-point Wei Charde-Hennene, and then Cox came to the ball. If Cox is choosing, cheap jerseys from china the eagle offensive group can be easily finished and win the game. But the defensive front line player chooses to achieve a score, and the final eagle is also reversed in 34-17.

After Cox, said: To be honest, I should touch it in advance. But for a line player, it is a good opportunity to get the ball and face unmanned defense. However, I must admit that the ball is left to the offensive group is the correct choice.

Although Cox is guilty, from the results, he still harvested the first to reach the high school. According to statistics, Cox This time, it has been the first time since December 8, 2011, and the eagle was first completed by the defensive front line player.