The Top 8 Most Asked Questions About Cheap Jerseys

The Top 8 Most Asked Questions About Cheap Jerseys

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Cowboy high-level: will not change the coach team due to bad start
Dallas denim is fortunate to win 1 game in the four games in the season.

Although the cowboy offensive group exhibits excellent, it is impossible to save the huge gap between mistakes and foul. The performance of the team’s defensive group is very bad, and the total of 146 points in the four games is the most alliance.

Although the cowboy is not intended to change the coach group in the stage of 1 win and 3 losses. Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President Stephen Jones, said that they did not intend to make any significant changes.

“We just have to become better. We have to work hard,” Jones said. “Now not considering this kind of thing. I am very confident for this coaching team. I am very confident about this team.”

Given the coach McCarthy, only 4 games, while the Jones family and cheap jerseys online the offense coordinator cheap jerseys online Kellen Moore have a good relationship, and the outside world believes they will first take the defensive coordinator Mike, Nalan (Mike Nolan).

“We will keep existing directions,” McCarthy gave such a response when asked Nalan by the reporter.

The denim defensive group under Norlan is a mess. In the game with 38-49, the cowboy will make the opponent’s squat into 307 yards, which is the team’s history. In the nearly 3 games, the opponent has achieved 126 points and the 3 game of the Cowboys 3 games. wholesale nfl jerseys for sale 3 consecutive games, the opponent gets at least 38 points and is also the first record of the cowboy since its inception of the professional alliance in 1960.

After the last quarter of the season, the denim management is not prepared to make determined to change the coach team. But if they continue to lose the ball and Miami Dolphins jerseys from china the defensive group continues to perform bad performance, the high-level may change the idea.