September 25, 2022
Akshara Singh Top 10 High Rated and Most Popular Bhojpuri Songs, which you will not be able to live without listening

Bhojpuri Video Song Akshara Singh, Actress Akshara Singh, who started her career with TV industry, appeared in Zee TV’s serial “Kala Teeka” and after which Akshara appeared in a serial of Sony channel. Although he did not do much work in TV serials, but as soon as he stepped into the Bhojpuri industry, Bhojpuri industry like Akshara Singh made him his own and Bhojpuri industry made him his own. Akshara Singh worked in Bhojpuri films and did many hit and superhit films and with her strong acting and killer expression, she captivated millions of viewers and made her crazy. That’s why today we have brought a list of superhit songs of Bhojpuri superstar Akshara Singh’s films and some video songs in this article, which have made millions of viewers convinced and fans of their performances. So let’s see which songs have made Akshara Singh quite popular.

1 clove lachi

In this Bhojpuri song, Akshara Singh has danced by throwing a lehenga, as well as Akshara Singh is seen in this song for Bihar Attractive.

2 Saiyan ke Bullets

In this song, Akshara Singh can be seen romancing Bhojpuri artist Karan Khanna, while the location of the song has done a great job.

3 Bawal Karenge

In this song, Akshara Singh and Bhojpuri film star and Jan Khesari Lal Yadav are seen. At the same time, an unmatched pair of Khesari and Akshara Singh in this song and their on-screen chemistry has gained a lot of popularity. Also, Khesari Lal Yadav and Akshara Singh dance well with romance in this song.

4 Dream Me Entry

In this song written and sung by Khesari Lal Yadav, Akshara Singh was once again seen romancing and dancing with Khesari Lal and while this song of Akshara has also garnered millions of views from the audience.

5 Paani Paani

This song is sung by Punjabi singer Badshah’s song “Pani Pani” song by Khesari Lal Yadav converted to Bhojpuri version. At the same time, people have appreciated this effort of Khesari and also Akshara Singh looks very beautiful and sizzling in this song.

6 Bhar Jata Dhori

This song has been sung by Bhojpuri industry’s most popular and wanted actor Singer Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh has romanced with him in this song. At the same time, the chemistry and sizzling performance of both in this song has caught the attention of many people and at the same time this song has got millions of views.

7 Jhulaniya

In this song, Akshara Singh has once again romanced with Karan Khanna and both are looking very cute and hot in this song.

8 Dosh Nikhe Bangliniya Ke

In this song Akshara Singh is seen angry and angry with her husband, where she fights with her husband and expresses her jealousy.

9 don’t touch my hand

This song of Akshara Singh is a music video song, in which she is angry with her boyfriend and is seen fighting with him. At the same time, this song has got 192 million views of the audience.

10 Pariwar Badhega

Ritesh Pandey’s sizzling chemistry and romance with Akshara Singh in this song has won the hearts of the audience. At the same time, this song has been sung by Ritesh Pandey and Antara Singh Priyanka. At the same time, in this song, Akshara is seen wooing her husband.

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