December 10, 2022
Bhojpuri Video Songs: Ritesh Pandey’s new Bhojpuri song "big boy is lost" went viral

Bhojpuri Video Songs: Social media users are very fond of this new Bhojpuri song of Ritesh Pandey. Also, his fans eagerly wait for each of his Bhojpuri songs. At the same time, Ritesh also keeps releasing songs on the demand and choice of his fans. Along with this, the new Navratri Special Bhojpuri Song of Ritesh Pandey and Neha Raj has been released yesterday.

Along with this, let us tell you that Neha Raj and Ritesh Pandey’s new Bhojpuri song 2022 ‘Chhotka Ba Badka Bhulail Ba’ has been released yesterday. Where this song has been released on Riddhi Music Bhojpuri YouTube channel. At the same time, the lyrics of this song have been written by Prakash Pardeshi and this song has been made under the direction of ADR Anand. Let us tell you that this song is getting a lot of love and support from Ritesh’s fans.

Meanwhile, if we talk about Ritesh’s new song ‘Chhotka Baa Badka Bhulail Ba’, in the video, Ritesh Pandey tells his wife, ‘Why are you calling me so bad? The money went to the fair, after which he became his wife. In the song, an actress speaks to the little boy, the husband has forgotten big, the morning has come, the husband has become evening, the eyes are not coming, the jam is on, who is tired, left ba hath bada jalebi khaib main.

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