October 5, 2022
Ayan Mukerji, the creator of Brahmastra, said, we have not made only Part 1 of Brahmastra

Ayan Mukerji Reaction Brahmastra: Let us tell you that Kiranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra is ruling the box office even after many days of release. At the same time, the film is getting a lot of love from the fans. Let us inform that all the actors cast in the film including director Ayan Mukerji are in seventh heaven for success. Along with this, other parts of Brahmastra which are in the pipeline are also making headlines. But one thing which is becoming the subject of discussion recently is its budget. Talking to a media house today, Ayan spoke on the budget of the film.

Where he said, the film “Brahmastra” is a big budget film. When we started making Brahmastra, we weren’t just making Part 1. It was an investment that we were making in the trilogy and in part 2 and part 3. So, a lot of our costs that we invested in Part 1 are also invested in that. Whereas on part 2 and part 3 on setting up the foundation, writing, building assets, concept work and then there was one idea which was always in my mind but what really came in front of me while making brahmastra and that was the idea of ​​astra, vanastra . ,

Ayan further added, “I felt that we were with Brahmastra, you know the foundation of this trilogy of all these other astras is being laid. That’s why we created the foundation of this universe in cinemas. So when we were with Brahmastra 1 But we were working on, we suddenly were also working on other ideas for the rest of the Brahmastra branches. So I think there’s a huge investment in the way we’re looking at it. We haven’t even sat down and properly. Let’s find out what specialties we will give as a budget for Part 1. We understand the investment and we are seeing that you know very well that Brahmastra is not in that kind of linear film.”

The cast in the film also includes Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna Akkineni and Mouni Roy, and featured in a special appearance by Shah Rukh Khan. Along with this, this Hindi film has also been dubbed and released in other languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

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