August 15, 2022
Hannah Dodd shares thoughts on Bridgerton season 3

Dear reader, Hannah Doddie ready to join bridgerton tons

Back in May, it was announced that the actress would be playing Francesca Bridgerton in the upcoming season three of the popular Netflix period drama. The character was played in the first two seasons. ruby stokeswho left the series to star in an upcoming show Lockwood & Co.

“I’m so excited,” said Dodd tv line, “Everyone has been so sweet. I just want to do a good deed.”

actress who has read six of these bridgerton novels so far said that they started when he was evil To better get in touch with your character. The novel, the sixth in a series written by Julia QuinnCentered around the romance between Francesca and Michael Sterling.

She told the outlet, “I didn’t know what I would take myself for, but I need to read this as soon as possible.” “It’s such a beautiful book and she’s such a beautiful character. I really can’t believe I got to play her.”

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