October 3, 2022
These are the biggest changes of the Vampire Academy TV series, which are made in the book

Welcome to the best supernatural school.

fifteen years after the first book Richelle MeadThe beloved series of was released, Vampire Academy The TV series premiered on 15 September on Peacock.

created by the Vampire Diaries And heritage, Julie I’m leaving And Marguerite McIntyre, the teen drama follows two girls – one a royal vampire and the other her half-vamp protector – as they navigate friendship, romance and typical teenage problems at St. Vladimir’s Academy. Of course, they also have to deal with a deadly threat to the vampire society.

whereas Vampire Academy Received a film treatment in 2014 that changed elements of Mead’s story in a big way, fans can expect the new series to remain faithful to the source material, as well as by changing the timeline, introducing characters early, and the school setting. can keep them on their toes. ,

And the biggest adjustment came in the opening scene of the series.

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