December 10, 2022
Jonathan Bailey receives sweet gift from Bridgeton co-star Simone Ashley after bad news

Dearest co-star.

Later Jonathan Bailey Played a changed role in Broadway’s upcoming big-screen adaptation devilThe actor was gifted a special congratulation on his behalf bridgerton co-star, Simone Ashley,

on your Instagram Stories, he shared a picture of a beautiful flower bouquet, which also included sunflowers. He thanked his on-screen leading lady, whom he called his “loveliest Viscountess”.

In the Netflix series, Jonathan’s character Anthony marries Simone’s character Kate Sharma by the end of season two, Viscount Bridgerton. They are both set to reprise their roles for the third season.

on 21st September, devil the director John M. Chu confirmed that Jonathan, 34, will play Fierro in the two-part adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical, which is also set to star Cynthia Erivo alfaba and as Ariana Grande as Glinda.

“He is perfect, they are perfect. Together they will be perfect. Born forever…” Chu tweeted Regarding the casting news, imitating the lyrics to the show’s song “Dancing Through Life”.

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