August 9, 2022
Kylie Jenner dances with Kris Jenner in mom tribute video

It’s a mother-daughter dance!

kylie jenner took to tiktok to share cutest video getting along with my own mom Kris Jenner,

In the clip, the song “Kris Jenner, You’re a World Famous Wonderful Woman” is aptly set to papa razzi and photos, the 24-year-old sports an oversized black blazer over a matching skin-tight catsuit, while the 66-year-old is in a hot pink power suit. Don’t take yourself too seriously kardashian The stars couldn’t help smiling and laughing as they busted some goofy dance moves in an office setting.

The comments section quickly lit up with positive feedback, especially for Kris, including one message that read, “I hope to be a mom like Kris Jenner,” and another said, “It’s pink. The suit has a vibe.”

Other comments called on the parents of the iconic Kardashian family to create their own TikTok account, “ASAP.”

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