August 8, 2022
Kylie Jenner Reveals That Stormi Does “Not Me” Now

stormy webster wants to be her My stylist.

kylie jenner took to her Instagram Stories on August 1 to share some old photos of her 4-year-old daughter – with whom she shares Travis Scott—and revealed how Stormi is playing her part as a budding fashionista.

In fact, there is a duty that Stormi no longer allows Kylie to do.

“She doesn’t let me wear her clothes anymore,” Kylie wrote alongside Stormi’s 2020 Snap In white sneakers, gray shorts and an “official souvenir” shirt.

Kylie’s account includes a throwback ‘fits’ from Stormi shared pink and white christian dior dress Paired with clear sandals, a black and red outfit Adorned with a crystal purse and a blue dress a matching moment Between mother and daughter. Allow us to take a moment of silence for Kylie’s career as an A plus toddler stylist.

But although Stormi is only interested in dressing herself these days, she still has a hankering to pull pieces from her mom’s closet.

one in TIC Toc Shared on Kylie’s account on July 8, Stormi and Kylie both tried on several pairs of shoes from Kylie’s collection.

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