August 15, 2022
Lisa Kudrow Reflects On Feeling Insecure While Filming Friends

and also Lisa Kudrow Feels insecure at times.

when Friend The actress is a style icon to many, she hasn’t always felt that way. She looked back when she played Phoebe Buffet in the NBC sitcom, sharing that she thought her insecurities stemmed from poorly fitting outfits.

“seeing myself in the show and seeing myself in the clothes and seeing Courtney [Cox] And Jennifer [Aniston]” she shared on podcrushed Podcast August 3, “I thought, ‘Oh, they know sewing so they can have a discussion with the costume designer about exactly where to take it.'”

So, she asked them to accompany her to the fitting, as they were “like sisters.” But the stitching didn’t make any difference either. “I’m not trying to say that I was overweight,” Lisa said. “I wasn’t. I just didn’t know the real size of my body.”

This insecurity about her figure continued into her 40s, when she realized, “It’s okay. This is what I look like.”

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