October 4, 2022
Love is Blind Shake Chatterjee decides to weigh in on Deepti and Kyle’s breakup

Responding to a fan’s question, who asked if Deepti and Kyle are still together, Sheik wrote, “The answer is no,” before accusing the two of fakeing their relationship.

“They had never really been together before. It was mutually settled over a PR stunt,” Shaik wrote on his story. screenrant, “Anything for pressure…pathetic!”

Deepti refuses to marry Sheik in the second season love is blindHe was rejected at the altar.

After season one, fans had been speculating for months whether Kyle and Deepti were romantically involved, when he noted that he “should have asked Deepti to marry me” during the season’s March 4 reunion episode. it was not until after the altar The episode, which dropped on September 16, confirmed the two were dating.

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