August 10, 2022
Love Island USA alum spills behind-the-scenes secrets

love island Fans know all too well what’s about to go down when they hear, “This week, a hot new blast enters the villa…” But just about everything happens when the islanders are there. kind cameras,

According to love island usa alum alexandra stewart, not much. The Season One star gives an overview on life at the villa TIC Toc Shared on August 1, which he answered as one of the most asked questions about being an islander.

First, the phone. Every Islander has one, but they’re not exactly useful for anything beyond getting messages out of production (most of which result in someone yelling, “I have a text!”). “All phones have different dates and times,” Alexandra shared. “Nobody knows unless you have a solarium and you don’t know how to read it.”

At least the islanders have wine to drink to pass the time, right? Not necessarily. “Wine comes out of a magical cabinet,” after the island said the podcast host, explaining that they only get involved if the production says they can. “A glass, maybe two, if you’re lucky.”

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