December 8, 2022
Miss Texas R’Bonnie Gabriel crowned Miss USA 2022

A new queen has been crowned Miss USA.

Miss Texas R’Bonnie Gabriel Reno, Nev. Miss North Carolina walks away from a winner during the October 3rd contest at the Grand Sierra Resort Morgan Romano Awarded Runner-up by Miss Nebrask Natalie Pepper,

During the ceremony, the 2021 Miss USA title holder Elle Smith The crown passed gracefully, marking the end of his rule. Just yesterday, Elle reflected on her time with the title by sharing a message along with a photo of her coronation last year.

“The moment that changed my life forever,” wrote Elle Instagram 2 October, “Class of 2011, I hope I have made you proud.”

Now, the sparkling piece is in the hands of R’Bonnie, a fashion designer who has a lot to learn about.

R’Bonney creates history as a title holder by becoming the first Asian American woman to be crowned Miss Texas USA ABC News, She was also the first Filipina-American to achieve this title.

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