October 3, 2022
Joshua Sase Description of the Monarch "the original" Experience He Worked With Shania Twain

The whole thing is made for an out-of-body experience for Sasse.

“My character is calling her Shania and she is totally there,” he added. “I don’t know if you’ll see it on camera, but I was pissing myself off because it’s Shania Twain! And I’m calling her Shania! I was just laughing. That’s the wonderful thing about this job. You Must be in the most extraordinary circumstances.”

Of course, acting with Oscar-winner Sarandon provided an entirely different challenge—namely, trying not to be swallowed by her aura.

“He’s so fearless,” Sass said of his co-star. “I was clearly aware of saturating every single subtlety of that performance because it’s so nuanced. Once in a while, she’s completely at ease. At the time, she was huge with the slightest shifts and movements. Giving amount of information. It’s like an intern. Masters class.”

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