September 25, 2022
Naagin 6: Laal Chand Ki Raat is coming in Tejashwi Prakash’s serial Naagin, big twist is going to happen

Naagin 6 Latest Episode 2022: Tejashwi Prakash’s serial Naagin has started its new chapter. At the same time, every week new secrets will be revealed in this serial. Where the truth of prayer and priceless will come in front of everyone, the story of Rishabh and Mehak will be repeated once again regarding Rudra. Let us know what has happened so far in this serial and what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes.

The angel tells Shesh Nag’s friend whether Pratha’s daughter did not become Shesh Naagin. Shesh Nag’s friend tells that history is repeating itself, two sisters, one Taj, one love, one story, one Sesha Naagin. Prarthana thinks what is my relation to moon. Rudra wishes Anmol a happy birthday in his ears. She makes a cake for Rudra. He looks out the window and thinks that I don’t know when I will meet that girl again.

Anmol is caught by a snake and she screams for help. This is her dream, she runs outside and embraces the custom. She then tells Pratha about her dream. The custom thinks that today is the light of the red moon and it will happen today. She says that Rudra had called and tells him to forget that dream and get ready soon. Anmol gets ready. Pratha thinks that today she can become Shesh Naagin, but I will not let this happen and will stop it.

The snake charmer plays the flute and tries to catch the snake. Prarthana is there and listening to the sound of the flute puts her hands on her ears. His skin becomes dry, but no one looks at him. The snake charmer catches the snake and thinks that today is the light of the red moon and one of the snakes will become the remaining serpent. He says that his strength will increase. The reporter covers the news and asks the snake charmer to tell this news on his news channel. He says that he is journalist Vivek. And he asks if Naagin can take human avatar and asks if Shesh Naagin really is. The snake charmer says yes. Prarthana wonders what is happening to her. The snake charmer shows the picture of his master who was killed by Shesh Naagin. Vivek calls up another reporter and asks if he told Sir about the snake charmer. She says that she will interview Sir.

Rudra interviewed a minister about the locust attack. The minister refused to give the interview and left. Rudra tells that no one died earlier because of locusts. Another boy tells Rudra that Vivek is bringing someone for an interview. He asks her to calm down. Pratha comes to the temple and remembers Shesh becoming a serpent there, bringing her daughter there, etc. She says this is Nag Mahal, I have not used my powers for 20 years and did not come here, but today I have to enter.

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