October 5, 2022
Naagin 6: Tejasswi Prakash’s serial will take a new turn, will the truth of Pratha’s daughter come in front of everyone?

Naagin 6: Tejashwi Prakash’s serial Naagin is leading in the TRP race. Whereas now the serial is going to take a new turn. The one whom Pratha is thinking of as her daughter is not her daughter. Let us know what has happened in this serial so far and what is going to happen next.

Pratha comes to Aunty and asks where is she going? Chachi says that she is going to her house, and says that her nephew is in jail and her niece is in hospital. Pratha convinces her to stay with them. Chachi says that Rajesh has called her in jail, and she is going to meet him. She asks will you come with me. Pratha refuses to meet her and tells that she took her help at Jwala’s behest. She says your heart is really big aunty. Auntie goes to meet Rajesh. He asks why did you come here? Chachi says I came to meet you. He says Pratha considers me bad, but I am not bad, but you are bad. I really loved him. He says I didn’t kill my wife, but you killed her. Mausi laughs and says yes, I killed her, but who will prove it. Rajesh asks why did you hit him? Chachi says that she has come to know something, which she should not have done. Rajesh asks why did you come here, and says you want to take my haveli. Aunty says that she came for Pratha, and says that she feels that she is happy with her husband and daughter.

Pratha, Rishabh and his daughter pray. Chachi says Pratha does not know what is happening with her life. She says that she did not know that the story had begun and explains that she did not know that her enemy is alive and wants to take revenge on her. She says that her enemy asked her to take the child from Mehek. A flashback is shown in which Mehek tells Aunty that Sahiba had asked her to deliver the child. Aunty says that she is working in an NGO so that she can work for Sahiba. The flashback ends. She tells Rajesh that Pratha was wrong about her enemies, but her real enemy was someone else. She smiles and goes to the tribals. Sahiba is shown and says you have come. She says I have done what you asked me to do, and tells that I killed Rajesh’s wife because she had heard everything. She tells Patali that Pratha did not know that the girl who is with her is not her daughter. A flashback is shown.

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