October 3, 2022
Naagin 6: A big reveal is about to happen in Tejashwi Prakash’s show, will the story of Pratha and Mehek be repeated again?

Naagin 6 Episode Update: Tejaswi Prakash’s serial is very much liked by the audience and after the leap, now the serial is taking a new turn every week. Where the custom is being considered as his daughter, she is not his daughter. But the makers have done a lot of planning for when this secret will come in front of him. Pratha’s real daughter is Prarthana and Anmol is Mehak’s daughter.

Pratha comes in the room and thinks that no one will know that she is Shesh Naagin and she cannot grow old. She says people will always think that she is an ordinary person. Rishabh calls her and she leaves. He says I have called everyone and asked them to come home. Anmol tells Rishabh to keep her phone free so that Rudra can call her. Rishabh says I will give, if he calls you. Precious goes. Rishabh says I will see how he calls me.

Professor and Prarthana are in their house. Prarthana sweeps the floor. The professor asked him to have tea. She asks why did we shift here? They say we were in the same city, and we came here for your studies. He says that I was a professor here, and used to earn a lot. She asks why did we shift then? She tells that we had a grand welcome here, and says that the snake bowed its head in front of me as if I am its owner, she stammers and talks. The professor asked him not to do this again. She says that it is good that we shifted here because there is a good scope of journalism here. She says that she will show only true news in her channel. She picks up some papers on which the professor asks her not to touch them. She asks what is important in this? They are just some important papers. He is in the room and thinks to find out about the attack on the Indians. Who does he think the enemy is? He thinks that the first death took place 20 days ago and the second death took place 5 days ago and he believes that the third death will happen today. He thinks why I could not understand the reason behind the murders.

Pragya knocked on the door. He comes out and takes Aarti and Prasad from her. She looks upset. He says what do you want? She says you were locked in the room in Gorakhpur and here too, you are doing the same. She says that she cleaned the place and also went to the temple. He asks if she wants him to sweep the floor. She says that she wants to go out. He says that he will take her.

Anmol waits for Rudra at the party. Rishabh says that he will not come as he likes high class work. Rishabh says defense minister is coming here. He says that he wants to give all the happiness of the world to his daughter. The custom says our daughter. Professor and Prarthana come to a shop. The professor feels that she is giving up all the cheap stuff. Then she sees a temple and takes off her shoes and prays with folded hands.

She puts on her slippers again. The professor buys a pen from a man who is selling something. He gifts Prarthana and says I want to give you happiness for lifetime, but take it now. A boy talks to Rishabh on call and says that he is going to come on his birthday. Then a florist asks the man to buy flowers. He asks her to leave. Then they see locusts flying in the sky. Seeing them people panic and run away. The professor thinks that there is no forest here, then why are they here? Prarthana asks what is this?

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