August 15, 2022
NBA Legend Bill Russell 88.  dead on

Jesse D. Garbrant / NBAE via Getty Images

In addition to his incredible NBA career, Bill was also an outspoken civil rights activist.

“From boycotting the 1961 exhibition game to exposing long-tolerated discrimination, the combustible wake of Mississippi’s first integrated basketball camp. madgaro [Evers’] The assassination, decades of activism was finally recognized by the receipt of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2010,” the Twitter statement continued. With that, though never his humble intention, teamwork, selflessness and thoughtful change will always inspire.”

The statement thanked fans for their love and support and encouraged them to keep their spirit and message alive. “We hope that each of us can find a new way to speak with Bill’s unshakable, respectful and always constructive commitment to principle,” it concluded. “This will be one last, and lasting, victory for our beloved #6.”

Following the announcement of his death, the Boston Celtics also shared a twitter statement In memory of my beloved coach and star.

“To become the greatest champion in your sport, to revolutionize the way sports are played, and to become a social leader at one time seems unimaginable, but that’s what Bill Russell was,” he tweeted in part. “Bill Russell’s DNA is woven through every element of the Celtics organization, from the relentless pursuit of excellence, to the celebration of the team award on individual pride, to the commitment to social justice and civil rights from the court. Our thoughts to his family.” With you as we mourn his passing and celebrate his vast legacy in basketball, Boston and beyond.”

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