August 13, 2022
Ne-Yo’s wife Krystal accuses Singer of cheating on her for 8 years

Crystal renewed their wedding vows in an elaborate ceremony three months after her and Ne-Yo, following past marital conflicts and a breakup in 2020. E!’s . speaking on daily pope In May, the singer said that at one point amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he and his wife found themselves “considering divorce”.

“It turned out to be a really uncomfortable conversation,” Ne-Yo continued. “As a human, it’s really difficult, especially with someone you love and you care about. You care about how they feel, so they need to know something about themselves.” To tell they can’t enjoy is so hard to do, it’s hard to hear about themselves over the top.”

Their relationship difficulties are central to their song “Don’t Love Me”, which the signer wrote during the pandemic. He continued, “I’ve always been better at writing it than at saying it out loud.”

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