December 1, 2022
This Laptop & Phone Cleaning Tool Has 8,800+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

If you need additional information before making a purchase, check out these reviews.

OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner Review

One shopper said, “Really easy and simple to use! Very gentle and I don’t have to worry about it damaging my laptop screen.”

Another explained, “I have a touch screen laptop so I was looking for something to clean it after touching it and it works! It’s amazing!”

Someone else said, “I really love the design, it works really well, it makes cleaning my laptop so easy! It just works!”

One Amazon customer wrote, “I bought this tool primarily to clean my laptop screen, however it has been very helpful for my phone screen as well. The brush is light and gentle so don’t accidentally use it when using it.” Doesn’t press any buttons. It cleans well around the keyboard and any other area. I love that it’s all-inclusive and small enough to keep in my laptop case when I’m out.”

One shopper reviewed, “This little doo-hickey successfully removes dust and crumbs from my keyboard and the cloth removes dust from the screen in one wipe. Both brushes get in between the keys.”

Another Amazon user said, “Like every other OXO product I’ve bought, it’s well thought out and easy to use. Helps me remember to clean my laptop daily.”

Someone else wrote, “Really clean and the right size; the brush works wonders on the keyboard, the pad removes fingerprints from the screen. Highly recommended!”

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