August 8, 2022
Rakul Preet Oops Moment: Everything was seen in transparent dress, Rakul Preet Singh became a victim of Oops moment

Rakul Preet Oops Pal: Every star in Bollywood is involved in a competition to make themselves look bold and sexy. But in this affair, they often have to give to take them and in return they become victims of oops moment. Now something similar happened with actress Rakul Preet Singh. Rakul Preet has spread her fame in both Bollywood and South India industry. But now Rakul got into trouble due to boldness, she was wearing such a transparent dress that everything was easily visible in the camera.

Actress Rakul Preet made her mark in Bollywood in a very short time and she became every heart Aziz. He has worked with big Bollywood stars like Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar. While Rakul Preet has made everyone crazy with her acting skills, now she has become a victim of Oops Moment. Actually Rakul had come to attend a party, during which she was wearing a long black dress. The dress was quite simple but it was so thin and transparent that Rakul’s undergarments were easily visible. You also see Rakul being a victim of Oops moment.

boldness got heavy

Rakul Preet always seems to choose her dress wisely, but this time you will also be shocked to see the dress she wore. You can see her all across in this dress. And for showing her boldness, Rakul also came under the target of critics. Many of its actresses have also become victims of such moments. A few days back, Kiara Advani was also a victim of Oops Moment. Kiara was wearing such a short dress that she became a victim of Oops Moment.

Been a victim of Oops moment many times

Rakul has been a victim of Oops Moment many times before this. Once on the show Rakul wore a skirt and as soon as Rakul came in front of the camera, her dress started flying with the wind and she became a victim of oops moment. At the same time, she came for her film promotion and sat on the chair in such a way that everything was visible in the camera.

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