October 5, 2022
Watch Jojo Siwa reunite with Avery Cyrus while recovering from strep throat

Avery Cyrus proved that she would by jojo siwaThe side distance doesn’t matter.

Avery took the audience with her as she hopped on a plane to be with JoJo, who was in season with a sore throat a few days before her romance went official on TikTok.

In tiktok Posted on Avery’s page on September 10, a text message conversation between Avery and JoJo was shared where dance Moms The alum wrote, “I’m sick 🙁 I need a hug.”

Avery mentioned in her answer that although she would love to hug JoJo, she is currently in Florida. But let us tell you that the 22-year-old did this. After catching a flight—and practicing her hugging pose at various parts of the travel tour—Avery ends the video with a clip of herself and JoJo in an embrace.

Sweet moments can be the perfect way to make someone feel better—especially while still recovering. On September 14, JoJo shared that despite plenty of water, antibiotics and lots of chicken soup, she is still sick with a sore throat.

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