September 30, 2022
The Bachelor’s Nick Viall Gives His Hot Take on Adam Levine’s Cheating Allegations

“Another and most important thing is that the only victim here is Behati [Prinsloo], wife of Adam. He doesn’t deserve it,” said Viall. september 20 tiktok, “Two, the people responsible for protecting the relationship are the people in the relationship. If it was the case here, it’s because Adam chose a relationship, not because this girl was a willing partner. If it wasn’t going to be his Be, it will be someone else.”

And on his third thought, Viall said that the cheating rumors “do not absolve this Sumer girl from having an opinion on her character.” For example, he said it was Stroh’s “ego thing” when he said that Levine was married to a Victoria’s Secret model.

Viall speculates in her video how the allegations might affect Prinsloo, who is currently pregnant with Levine’s third child.

“Her TikTok making and blasting it all over the internet is further proof that she is only considering how this story affects her,” he alleged, and is not considering the feelings of the actual victim. It is, as Behati says.

He ended by saying that Stroh should consider “the impact that making this video could have on a pregnant person’s mental health.”

love is blind‘s nick thompsonwhose marriage Danielle Ruhli Concluding, commenting on Viall’s post, writing, “You summarized it well.”

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