October 3, 2022
The short story of how World War II started New York Fashion Week

While fashion slowly began to evolve in the ’40s, Eleanor’s phenomenon only increased in the east.

So, what did the famous campaigner’s blueprint for New York Fashion Week do in the first place? Simply put: a fashion designer who was fed up with her work went unnoticed.

,Adele Simpson had come for [Eleanor] And said, ‘American fashion is really weird because apparel manufacturers don’t promote designers,'” John recalled of a history-changing conversation. “‘They don’t even know their names, and we need to promote, too. Is . A lot of attention is paid to French designers, but not us.’ it gave [Eleanor] a thought.”

As the story goes, Eleanor began working and contacted newspaper publishers across America and invited them to New York to write about American designers and their new collections. But this was no small achievement. “The publishers pushed back a little bit,” John recalled, “and said, ‘We don’t even have fashion writers.'”

Eleanor’s solution? She asked editors to send in their women writers, who had previously been shunned, to cover domestic topics such as cooking and cleaning.

Having surrounded journalists, Eleanor used her influence as a fashion powerhouse to spotlight American designers such as lily dacheo, Hattie Carnegie, Norman Norelli And Netty Rosenstein (to name a few).

With writers and designers ready to launch their collections, Fashion Press Week began.

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