September 25, 2022
This Bachelorette Star Will Officially Lead Season 27 of The Bachelor

Zach Shalcross Will be giving roses soon.

Bachelorette Frontrunner will be the lead of season 27 the Bachelorhost Jesse Palmer Announced on 20 September after the last rose Specific. After announcing the news, Jesse brought the tech executive on stage, where Zach said, “I’m just taking it right now. It’s so incredible.”

“Apparently everyone saw the heartbreak in Mexico,” Zach said of their breakup Bachelorette Rachel Rachia During the first part of the finale. “I really needed to take some time to reflect and heal that broken heart. But what I learned from that experience is that it didn’t change how prepared I was.”

When Jesse asked Zack how he was preparing for his new role, he said that he was spending a lot of time with his family, adding, “I went to the gym a lot too.”

Over the course of the season, Zach quickly caught the eye of Rachel, earning a first-time face-to-face. During the date, the two watched each other’s home videos and compared childhood memories, bonding over the fact that they both went to airports when they were kids. They become very close during their successful date in their hometown of Anaheim, California, where Zack is supported by his uncle, family Guy actor Patrick Warburton,

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