August 15, 2022
Watch Kim Kardashian turn into a “mommy minion” with a makeup makeover

A new minion arrives in town—aside from Bob, Kevin, and Stuart—Kim Kardashian“Mother Minion.”

the kardashians star, 41, started her minion changes on that and North WestJoint Tiktok account of 31st July. Actually, her makeup artist was none other than her 9-year-old daughter.

Not that this should surprise fans. Eventually, North has developed a love of makeup (her mom Kim and her aunt kylie jenner Doing Run a cosmetics empire). But her specialty isn’t exactly the glam makeover one might expect.

“She’s really into special effects makeup,” Kim said during an appearance in June The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, “She does really good wounds and scars.”

In fact, North is so good at makeup techniques she’s teaching her friends now. Kim hosted a “creepy jungle-themed” birthday party for North and her friends earlier this summer so North could take a lesson.

“I gave her a teacher to show me and got all the supplies,” the mother of four—who also shares the children saint west6, Chicago West4, and hymn westwith 3 ex husbands Kanye West-Ongoing. “So, she wanted to teach her girlfriends, and we took about eight kids, eight girls, and we went camping in the woods. And she wanted it to be really scary, and she wanted, like, these Mannequin head…. There was an entire class that she taught her friends how to do special effects wounds and scars. She’s really good at it.”

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