September 25, 2022
Why the Sins of Our Mother director thinks Lori Vallow’s alleged crimes could have been prevented

sky borgman The directors behind some of the most popular true crime documentaries of the last decade, including kidnapping in plain sight And girl in the picture, his latest project our mother’s sins sheds new light on the alleged crimes of lullabiesHe is accused of killing his two children. JJ And Tilly, Lowry pleaded not guilty to all charges.

But Borgman told E! news she’s not just looking to entertain the audience, she wants to show them that JJ, Tilly and Charles Vallow If someone had helped Lori, she would still be alive today. “I hope that what people take away from this movie is that they can actually see how often Lori could have been stopped or helped,” she explained. “I think there could have been some kind of interference from many family members, from law enforcement, from friends.”

Borgman said that Lori’s late husband Charles Alarmed the police before his death in 2019. “Charles tried to speak,” said Borgman, “and nothing happened.”

In a video obtained by NBC News, Charles told police that he feared for his life just days before he was shot by Lori’s late brother, Alex, who told police he had acted in self-defense. Cox has since died of natural causes, as reported by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office. NBC News in May 2020.

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