September 30, 2022
Dylan Drossaers by YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials.  married to

Nikki Tutorial has gone from Ms. to Mrs.

Nikki de Jagero And dylan drawers The couple officially tied the knot on 6 September with a ceremony that was attended by family, friends and flowers.

The YouTuber, who got engaged to Dylan during a trip to Italy back in 2019, shared a total look on her special day, which included trying on her gown to show her mom and her first look with Dylan before the ceremony.

What happened when they saw each other in their wedding day dress?

“It’s a moment I’ll never forget because you look at each other and we’re both terrified to learn our reactions and Dylan really starts to cry,” Nikki said. a video Shared on his YouTube channel on 13 September. “And then all the nerves, all the created worries go away.”

While Nikki wore a dress adorned with crystals, Dylan wore a suit that featured a red-flowered boutonniere, which paid tribute to Nikki’s late brother GoodWho? died in 2018 After battling lymphatic cancer.

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