September 30, 2022
PM Narendra Modi Birthday: 8 years and 8 difficult decisions, these historic decisions of PM Modi changed the picture of India

Happy Birthday PM Narendra Modi: Narendra Modi hardly anyone is familiar with this name. Discussions of this name happen frequently from India to abroad. Actually the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who changed the whole picture of India after independence. PM Modi has always been known for his impeccable style and his unique thinking. Since becoming the PM, Modi has changed many things in India, which hardly anyone would have expected. So let’s know about the 8 big decisions taken during the 8-year tenure of PM Modi:


Hardly anyone has thought of demonetisation. But this shocking decision of PM Modi not only surprised Indians but also discussed it all over the world. This decision of PM Modi on 8 November 2016 has brought an earthquake in India. This step was taken by PM Modi to curb the huge amount of black money in the country.


Modi government introduced GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India. The purpose of which was to implement a single tax in lieu of different types of taxes. However, due to this decision of PM Modi, there was a lot of tension between the states and the Center. Later in GST, separate slabs were made for the Center and the states. However, even today many states like Maharashtra claim that they do not get the fruits of their contribution to the economy. Even today many states are not happy with this decision of PM Modi.

VVIP culture ended

This decision of PM Modi was appreciated by foreign countries. In India, this decision was kept in the category of best decision. This decision of PM Modi was in the interest of every section of the people, which was greatly appreciated. In fact, this long-running culture was ended by PM Modi as soon as he came to power. The general public has got a lot of relief from this decision of PM Modi.

canteen subsidy closed

As soon as PM Modi took over the reins of India, he made changes in many such things which no one expected. One of these is canteen subsidy. In fact, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told that one day PM Modi decided to have a meal in the Parliament canteen. After which PM Modi realized that the food that common people have to buy outside for 100 rupees, the members of parliament get only 10 rupees. What was then PM Modi immediately stopped the canteen subsidy. Let us tell you that due to getting food at very low rate in the canteen of Parliament, there has been controversy many times.

Ayodhya dispute ended

For many years, PM Modi put a full stop on the discussion about the Ayodhya dispute. The dispute which took many years to end, was ended by PM Modi in his tenure of 8 years. In fact, the Ayodhya dispute has been India’s biggest religious dispute as well as a legal dispute. There was an atmosphere of tension across the country due to the Ayodhya dispute. Lord Ram, who was involved in court proceedings for many years, finally got justice from the Supreme Court and on 9 November 2019, the historic decision of the Supreme Court recognized Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya as the birth place of Ram. After this, the Modi government also got the work started for the construction of a grand Ram temple. Now soon till 2023, there will be darshan benefits in the sanctum sanctorum of Ramlala.

triple talaq rule ended

PM Modi also put an end to the issue of triple talaq. In fact, Muslim women were fighting a legal battle for many years to stop the practice of triple talaq. But they were not getting justice. But as soon as PM Modi’s government was formed, the Supreme Court expedited the hearing in this case on the basis of evidence and banned this practice in 2017.

Surgical and air strikes

The surgical and air strikes carried out by the Indian Army became a topic of discussion all over the world. Surgical and air strikes shook the foundation of Pakistan. In fact, before the coming of PM Modi’s government, it used to happen that Pakistan used to infiltrate terrorists and easily attack places like Kashmir and Punjab etc., then India could only oppose it verbally. But after the coming of PM Modi’s government, PM Modi gave a free hand to the Indian soldier that it is very good for India to respond to terror by entering his own house when needed. Through surgical and air strikes, the Indian Army has told the world that the Indian Army is capable of doing anything when the time comes.

Article 370 ended

The people of Jammu and Kashmir were entangled in the chains of Article 370 since independence i.e. for 70 years. Let us tell you that on 5 August 2019, the Modi government freed Kashmir from Article 370. Along with this, Ladakh was declared a separate union territory. With this historic step of PM Modi, not only the Kashmiri Pandits but every citizen of the state now got the benefit of the beneficial schemes of the Central Government, from which the people of Kashmir were deprived for many years.

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