August 12, 2022
4 August 2022 Ka Itihas: The world’s longest Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was constructed on 4th August

4 August Aaj Ka Itihas: In today’s history, today we will know about the events related to 4th August. Let us tell you that in the pages of history, there are many such important events that happened in India and the world on the day of August 2, which are very interesting to know about. Many times you must have also read and heard about many such historical events about history, which must have been related to the history of 4th August.

So let’s try to know by turning the pages of some history that on this day i.e. 4th August, what are the main events that happened in the country and the world….

Important events of August 4)

1870 – The British Red Cross Society was founded.

1914 – In response to the German invasion of Belgium, Belgium and the British Empire declare war on Germany.

1924 – Diplomatic relations are established between Mexico and the Soviet Union.

1936 – The Prime Minister of Greece, Lonnis Metaxas, suspends parliament and the constitution, and the August 4 rule is instituted.

1946 – An earthquake of magnitude 8.0 in the Northern Dominican Republic kills 100 and leaves 20,000 homeless.

1947 – The Supreme Court of Japan was established.

1964 – Civil Rights Movement: Civil rights activists Michael Schwarner, Andrew Goodman, and James Cheney are found dead in Mississippi after disappearing on June 21.

1967 – The US conducts nuclear tests in Nevada.

1969 – Vietnam War: U.S. Representative Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese Representative Juan Thu begin secret peace talks at French mediator Jean Santany’s apartment in Paris.

1974 – A bomb explodes on the Italicus Express train in Italy, killing 12 and injuring 22.

1977 – US President Jimmy Carter signs legislation creating the United States Department of Energy.

1984 – The Republic of Upper Volta was renamed Burkina Faso.

1987 – The Fairness Doctrine is repealed by the Federal Communications Commission.

1995 – Operation Toofan is launched in Croatia.

2007 – NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft is launched.

1181 – Spotted in a supernova in Cassiopeia.

1265 – Prince Edward of Britain defeats Simon de Montfort at the Battle of Evesham.

1636 – Johann Mauritius is made governor of Dutch Brazil.

1666 – A sea battle took place between the Netherlands and England.

1791 – The war between the Ottomans and the Habsburgs comes to an end after the Sistova Agreement.

1870 – The British Red Cross Society is founded.

1886 – Colombia adopted the constitution.

1914 – In World War I, Germany declared war on Belgium and Britain declared war on Germany.

1915 – During the First World War, the German army occupied Warsaw.

1930- Child labor law was made in the European country of Belgium.

1935- The Government of India Act got the assent of the Queen.

1947 – The Supreme Court of Japan was established.

1954 – The Pakistani government agreed to adopt the song ‘Pak Sarzameen’, written by Hafeez Jalandhri, as the national anthem.

1956 – India’s first nuclear research reactor started in ‘Apsara’.

1964 – America is defeated during the war between the US and Vietnam in the Ko Toncan Gulf in southern China. America started war with North Vietnam on this pretext.

1967- The world’s longest Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was constructed.

1967 – The US conducted a nuclear test in Nevada.

1997 – Mohamed Khatemi becomes President of Iran.

1999 – China refuses to allow regular flights of US military aircraft to land in Hong Kong.

2001 – Strategic agreement signed between Russia and North Korea.

2004 – Altix supercomputer Casey named ‘Kalpana Chawla’ in ‘NASA’.

2007 – NASA launched an American spacecraft named Phoenix Mars Lander to explore Mars.

2008 – The government conferred Navratna status to the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI).

Famous people born on 4 August (4 August Famous People Birth)

1522- Rana Udai Singh, the ruler of Mewar and father of Maharana Pratap, was born.

1730 – Sadashivrao Bhau, a Maratha hero famous in Indian history, was born.

1845 – Ferozeshah Mehta, Indian politician and architect of the Bombay Municipal Constitution (Charter) was born.

1924 – Literary writer Indu Prakash Pandey was born.

1929 – Kishore Kumar, the famous actor and playback singer of Indian cinema, was born.

1931 – Indian cricketer Naren Tamhane was born.

Famous Persons Death on 4 August

1937 – Kashi Prasad Jaiswal, India’s famous historian and internationally renowned scholar of archeology, died.

2006 – Nandini Satpathy, the woman Chief Minister of Orissa and writer, passed away.

Important day of August 4)

World Breastfeeding Day (Week)

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