October 3, 2022
Trending Video: See the girl’s dangerous wedding card, the policemen opening their senses were blown away

Drug in Wedding Card: These days a video of a wedding card is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Because this is a wedding card, it is so special that the one who is watching is going to see it there. While seeing this card, many people have got a big shock. Yes, a girl reached the airport with this very surprising wedding card, thinking that no one will pay attention to this wedding card. But his guess turned out to be wrong and then everyone kept watching what happened.

Actually a girl reached the airport with a wedding card. When the girl in line with all the people at the airport was checked, she got marriage cards. A cache of drugs was hidden in these wedding cards. As soon as the drugs came out of the wedding card, everyone’s eyes were wide open. Many people made a video of it. Since then the video has made a splash on social media.

everyone was surprised to see the video

So far, information has been received that where is the matter of hiding drugs in the wedding card and from which airport this viral video is. But in this viral video you can see that some officials at the airport are checking a wedding card.

When the officials tore this wedding card, everyone was surprised to see the inside of the card. Because the girl had hidden the packets of drugs inside this wedding card. On search, two packets of drugs were found from a wedding card. The airport officials were very surprised to see the packets of these drugs.

Everyone watching the video, including the officer, was stunned after seeing the video of drugs being revealed in the wedding card. Let me tell you, this video has been shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on his Twitter account on social media platform Twitter.

Sharing the video of the wedding card, he wrote, ‘A girl was caught with drugs at the airport. He hid the drugs in the wedding card. Be careful and don’t carry such things to the airport. People’s comments have become flooded on this video.

In such a situation, a Twitter user wrote, ‘Nothing will happen from the raid. Notes larger than ₹ 100 will have to be discontinued. The property has to be linked with Aadhaar. The benami property will have to be forfeited 100%. Cash transactions above 5000 have to be closed. Further the user wrote that above 50,000 PAN will have to be made mandatory. Also narcopolygraph brainmapping law will have to be made and traffickers will have to be given life imprisonment.

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