December 1, 2022
Amit Shah: Shah will sharpen BJP’s strategy in Jammu and Kashmir, eyes fixed on three-day tour

Amit Shah: Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to the Valley ahead of the possible assembly elections next year in Jammu and Kashmir is being considered very important from a political point of view. Shah’s three-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir begins on Monday during which he will address two big rallies. Shah is about to reach Jammu and Kashmir on his third visit after the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. The BJP has kept its eyes on the Gujjar and Bakarwal communities in view of the assembly elections. Along with this, the eyes of the BJP are also on the hill community. It is believed that during his visit to Jammu and Kashmir, Shah will give more edge to this strategy of BJP. In view of Shah’s proposed visit, vigorous preparations are being made by the Jammu and Kashmir unit of the BJP.

Shah will address two big rallies

Shah is scheduled to reach Jammu on October 3. After reaching the valley, Shah will discuss the political strategy of the BJP with the local leaders of the party. After visiting Mata Vaishno Devi on October 4, Shah will address a big rally organized by the party in Rajouri. Shah will also be in the valley on Vijayadashmi on October 5 and his rally has been organized in Baramulla. The organization of both the rallies of Shah is also considered very important from the political point of view.

In fact, both the districts of Baramulla and Rajouri have a large number of people belonging to the Gurjar and Pahari communities. The people of the Pahari community have been demanding for a long time to be included in the Scheduled Castes. The Scheduled Caste status has already been given to the people of Gurjar and Bakarwal community by the central government and the demand of the Pahari community is also expected to be fulfilled during Shah’s proposed visit.

BJP’s eyes on these communities of the valley

In fact, vigorous efforts are being made by the BJP to get the support of Gurjar, Bakarwal and Pahari community. The votes of these communities are considered to be the deciding factor in more than 20 seats in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly. BJP’s account has not been opened in most of these seats so far. That is why this time the BJP has started gearing up under a new strategy. A total of 11 percent of the population of Jammu and Kashmir are people of Pahari speaking community. Voters of this community are considered to have an important role in about 8 seats in the state. The people of Gurjar-Bakarwal community are considered very influential in 13 seats of the state. The elections to the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly will be held with the new delimitation system and nine seats have been reserved for the tribes in the new delimitation. That is why the BJP has started putting emphasis on these seats with a changed strategy.

Big political bet of BJP

Gujjar leader and BJP State Vice President Engineer Ghulam Ali Khatana was nominated as Rajya Sabha member by the Modi government. This step of the central government was very important from the political point of view because for the first time a Gurjar Muslim was nominated to the Rajya Sabha. Political experts believe that by making Ghulam Ali Khatana a Rajya Sabha member, the BJP has made a strong dent in the Gurjar-Bakarwal vote bank.

The nomination of Ghulam Ali is also considered important because before the abrogation of Article 370, the Gujjar fraternity could get very little representation in the Legislative Assembly and Parliament and that too to a few families. Gujjars have traditionally been voting for the National Conference and Congress, but now the political situation seems to be changing.

It is believed that Shah will try to cultivate the Pahari community along with the Gurjar Bakarwal community. Political experts say that to strengthen its political position in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP needs the support of the Gujjar-Bakarwal as well as the Pahari community and the BJP has started working in this direction.

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