October 3, 2022
Back Seat Belt in Car: Now the driver should be careful, those who sit in the back seat are also being challaned

Back Seat Belt in Car: Along with driving on the road, there are many things to keep in mind. Like keeping the necessary documents of the vehicle, driving license, seat belt, taking care of the traffic and many more. In such a situation, now there is another big news which is for the people who sit in the back seat of the car. Yes, now the police has started deducting challans for those who do not put seat belts on the back seat of the car. According to the information received about this, Delhi Traffic Police has challaned 17 people who did not wear seat belts on the back seats of the car in a single day i.e. on Wednesday only.

The Delhi Traffic Police has also started tightening the reins on those who sit behind in the four wheeler. In such a situation, Delhi Police has now launched a very strict campaign against those who do not follow this rule on Barakhamba Road near Connaught Place in Central Delhi.

Extremely strict campaign on Connaught Place

Giving information about this drive, a senior police officer said that during the operation at Connaught Place, Delhi from 11 am to 1 pm under section 194 B (use of safety belt and seating of children) of the Motor Vehicles Act. A total of 17 court challans were issued. A fine of Rs 1,000 was imposed against those who did not follow the rules while driving.

In fact, this campaign against those who do not put belts on the back seat of the vehicles on the road is being run after the death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry (54) in a road accident. Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry was killed in a road accident in Palghar district of Maharashtra on 4 September. According to the police, the cause of death was the miscreant sitting behind not wearing a seat belt. If Cyrus Mistry had worn a seat belt, he would not have died.

Giving further information, New Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police Alap Patel said, “All these laws were already there, but after the recent incident of the death of Cyrus Mistry, this rule is being tightened further. Delhi Traffic Police is already in the seat. Is running a campaign to spread awareness among people about the importance of wearing a belt. But people do not give up on their habits. Because of this, they have to challan compulsively.

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