October 4, 2022
Street Dogs: A balance between the safety of people and the rights of animals is necessary, the Supreme Court’s comment on stray dogs

Street Dogs: In the recent past, the incidents of attacks of stray dogs have increased significantly in the country. Many times their attack has proved to be fatal and people have died painfully. The huge increase in their population has become a problem. This matter has reached the Supreme Court. Hearing a petition on stray dogs on Friday, the top court made it clear that there is a need to strike a balance between the safety of people and the rights of animals. A bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and JK Maheshwari said that a solution has to be found. The solution should be logical. Thereafter, the bench adjourned the hearing of the matter till September 28. The bench has till then asked all the parties to file their replies in the matter.

Take responsibility for vaccinations that feed dogs

While hearing the petition filed regarding the unclaimed dogs, the Supreme Court made another important observation. The court said that those who give food to stray dogs, the responsibility of vaccinating them also lies with those people. If these dogs bite someone, then that person should be treated and they should also be compensated by these people. During this, Justice Khanna said, most of us like dogs. I also feed dogs. One thing came to my mind. People should take care of dogs, but they should be marked. I am not at all in favor that they should be tracked through the chip.

Petition against order to eliminate stray dogs

The growing population of stray dogs in cities like Kerala and Mumbai has assumed a formidable form. There has been a huge increase in the case of dog bites. In view of this, various municipal bodies of the country, especially the municipal bodies of Kerala and Mumbai, have issued orders to eliminate stray dogs. The Kerala High Court has also refused to stay the decision. In such a situation, some NGOs and animal lovers reached the Supreme Court against the order of the High Court and the municipal bodies.

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