August 13, 2022
Bank Holidays August 2022: All the important work related to the bank will be done quickly, the bank will remain closed for 17 days

Bank Holidays August 2022: The month of August of the year 2022 has started. In such a situation, if you have to settle the work related to the bank, then do it quickly because there are many holidays in the banks this month. Although in the modern era, most of the work is done through the mobile app of the bank, but still there are many such tasks which have to be done by visiting the bank branch itself. In such a situation, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released the list of holidays in banks in August. Due to which banks will remain closed for 18 days in August. Let’s see the list of bank holidays-

When will there be a bank holiday in August (Bank Holidays in August)

August 1, 2022: Drupaka She-Ji festival in Gangtok

7 August 2022 : Sunday

8 August 2022: Banks closed in Jammu and Srinagar on the occasion of Muharram (Ashura)

August 9, 2022: Banks closed on Muharram (Ashura) in rest of the country except Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Imphal, Jammu, Panaji, Shillong, Shimla, Thiruvananthapuram and Srinagar

August 11, 2022: Bank holiday across the country on the occasion of Rakshabandhan

12 August 2022: Rakshabandhan /(Kanpur, Lucknow)

13 August 2022: Second Saturday of August

14 August 2022 : Sunday

15 August 2022 : Independence Day

16 August 2022: All banks in Mumbai and Nagpur closed on the occasion of Parsi New Year

August 18, 2022: Banks across the country closed on the occasion of Janmashtami

19 August 2022: Banks closed on Janmashtami (Ranchi, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh)

20 August 2022: Shri Krishna Ashtami (Hyderabad)

21 August 2022 : Sunday

27 August 2022: Second Saturday

28 August 2022 – Sunday

29 August 2022: Shrimant Sankardev (Guwahati)

August 31, 2022: Banks closed in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka on account of Ganesh Chaturthi

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