October 3, 2022
Bengaluru Flood: The eyes of Bengaluru submerged in water, Akhila’s tale of agony will make you cry

Bengaluru Flood News : Known as the ‘Silicon City’ of India, Bengaluru is currently battling heavy rains and waterlogging. Unprecedented rains have stopped the breath of this ‘Hitech City’ these days. Many heart-wrenching stories are now coming to the fore amidst waterlogging and rain water at various places in Bangalore. Meanwhile, the death of a 23-year-old girl Akhil, who was trapped between the water in the city, has shook the people of the country. Akhila died of electrocution while trying to save her life.

The most painful thing was that when Akhila was raising her voice to save her life, there was no one to hear her. No one came forward to save him. Eventually he died in agony. After the death of Akhila, now the anger of the people has erupted. Local people are raising various kinds of questions on the Karnataka government and its functioning. So let’s know what is the whole matter –

What’s the matter?

Bangalore, popularly known as IT City, is full of water these days. A death is in the headlines amidst the rain in the city. The name of the deceased was Akhila (23 years). Akhila was returning home on her scooty on Monday night as usual. Meanwhile, the Whitefield area of ​​the city was flooded with rain water. In such a situation, Akhila was finding it very difficult to drive the scooter.

Death was passing through the pillar which took support

Eventually, Akhila got off her scooty near Mayura Bakery. There the road was full of water. Akhila dragged her scooty till her knees in the water. Then suddenly she loses her balance. To avoid falling, he took the support of an electric pole present there. But, little did she know that the pole she was trying to escape by holding her, was getting electrocuted. which would lead to his death.

… and Akhila died

As soon as Akhila grabbed that electric pole, she got a strong jolt. By then the current had taken him in its grip. Akhila kept on crying. But, no one came to save him. After a while she fell down and fell into the water. Then some people showed courage. Took him to the hospital. But, by then it was too late. Doctors declared Akhila brought dead. While there is anger among the people of Bangalore due to Akhila’s death, there is also a lot of resentment about the negligence of the government and administration.

Akhila was like a son in the house

According to Akhila’s family members, she was an educated graduate. He got a good job in a nearby music school. She was happy in her life. Akhila’s sister Asha says, she was like a son in our house. Because my brother is physically handicapped. That’s why we trusted him. She was the girl who helped us all. But now she is not with us. The family members have blamed the city authorities and Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited for Akhila’s death.

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