September 25, 2022
Bengaluru Heavy Rain: Heavy rains and water logging in bad condition for IT hub Bengaluru

Bengaluru Heavy Rain: Heavy rains have damaged the infrastructure of Bangalore. The IT hub of India has come to its knees due to floods and waterlogging due to rains. Dozens of areas do not even have drinking water as the supply has been cut off due to floods. IT sector companies have asked their employees to work from home while schools have been closed.

In the 1990s, this southern metropolis of about 8.5 lakh people flourished. Its numerous outsourcing and software companies are now referred to as the ‘back office of the world’, employing millions. But these same companies in the city complain that infrastructure is not developed, perennial traffic jams and unplanned construction on dry lakes and ponds cause frequent floods even after moderate rainfall. In fact, like any other city, the drainage system of Bangalore has collapsed. Due to the construction everywhere, the drainage channels have been blocked. This is the reason that every time the rain creates a very bad situation. People say that once Bangalore was called a city with calm and good weather but now it is no longer so. Year after year the situation is getting worse. This is the reason why employees of all companies are now emphasizing on continuing the process of working from home.

The present situation is that large parts of the city are submerged. Footage on social media showed tractors being used to ferry passengers to and from the airport. The Outer Ring Road Company Association, the umbrella group for the IT sector, has advised employees to work from home. Drinking water supply has been stopped for two days in over 50 areas of the city after a pumping station was flooded.

Decision to release Rs 300 crore to deal with the situation

Meanwhile, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said that the government has decided to release Rs 300 crore to deal with the flood situation in the city. Bommai said that from September 1 to 5, some parts of the city have received 150 per cent excess rainfall, while Mahadevapura, Bommanahalli and KR Puram areas have received 307 per cent excess rainfall. This is the highest rainfall in the last 32 years (1992-93). He said that 164 lakes in Bengaluru have been flooded.

Rain conditions are largely the same today as before. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a forecast of heavy rain, thunder and lightning in Karnataka.

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