October 4, 2022
Bihar Politics: Prashant Kishor meets Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, know what is the plan?

Bihar Politics : The politics of Bihar has taken an interesting turn after the Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar left the NDA. CM Nitish is making a lot of headlines in the national media regarding the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The same headlines are also being gathered by those leaders, who once used to be with them.

Election strategist Prashant Kishor and former Union Minister RCP Singh are constantly attacking him. The talk between RCP-PK and CM Nitish has reached from ‘tu-tadak’ to ‘aukat’. In the midst of such a tense atmosphere, another big news from the politics of Bihar has come out quoting sources.

Nitish-PK together again!

Once again the news of being with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishor has started gaining momentum in the political circles of Bihar. Ever since Nitish Kumar left the NDA, PK has been attacking him. But now the news is coming out that political equations are going to be formed again between the two leaders. Prashant Kishor, who changed the equation overnight by giving the famous slogan ‘Bihar Mein Bahar Hai, Nitishe Kumar Hai’ in the 2015 assembly elections, may again be seen coining a new slogan for Bihar CM.

Meeting held in CM House

The war of words between CM Nitish and PK, which has been going on for the last few days, speaks of the sourness in the relationship between the two. But, it is being told that considering the need of the hour, Bihar CM now wants to reunite PK with him. For this, he has hired the same Pawan Kumar Verma, whom in the year 2019, CM Nitish along with PK showed the way out of the party. Former ambassador PK Verma organized a meeting between Prashant Kishor and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at CM House.

Pawan Verma is also coming closer to Nitish

According to information received from sources, on Tuesday evening, there was a long conversation between Prashant Kishor, Pavan Verma and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at CM House located at Ek Anna Marg in Patna. During this, along with the latest political situation in Bihar, there have been serious talks between the three leaders on Nitish Kumar’s campaign to unite all the opposition parties across the country. However, neither side has said anything in front of the media regarding this meeting.

PK’s entry in JDU?

Prashant Kishor, who once held the number two position in JDU, used to be very close to CM Nitish. He used to stay in the CM residence itself. Even after being expelled from the party in the year 2019, speculations of the two coming together on various occasions have been flying in the air. For the last few days, it seemed that the relationship between the two has reached a very low level. But nothing is permanent in politics, the recent meeting between the two leaders has settled once again.

It is being told that RCP Singh had a big role in getting PK out of JDU. Now that Singh is out of the party and has become Nitish Kumar’s enemy No. 1, the way for Kishor’s return to the JD(U) is open once again. After Nitish Kumar, there is no leader of that stature in JDU who can replace him. In such a situation, PK can be the future of JDU. People who keep an eye on the politics of Bihar believe that even if he will join the party again, then on this condition.

PK’s harsh statement against Nitish

Prashant Kishor has been stuck in Bihar for a long time after the failed attempt to enter the Congress. At present he is running Jan Suraj Abhiyan in Bihar. He will start his padyatra on 2nd October, ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. Kishor has been attacking Nitish Kumar fiercely in his meetings. For the last few days, the statements given by him regarding CM Nitish are in the news a lot.

PK said that there is tremendous anger among the people against the Nitish government. I challenge them to show a meeting of 200 people in any panchayat of Bihar without security. In another statement, he said that if he gets the owner of Fevicol company, he will advise him to make Nitish Kumar as the brand ambassador of his company. Because the government belongs to anyone but they cling to the chair.

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