August 12, 2022
Bihar News: Congress marches against inflation in Patna, state president – ​​government agencies being misused

Congress Protest in Patna : Today (August 05) Congress leaders and hundreds of workers took out a march to the Raj Bhavan in the capital Patna against rising inflation, unemployment and GST on food items in the country. These demonstrations took place under the leadership of the Congress President. Congress is holding nationwide dharna today. In all the states of the country including the capital Patna, the Congress has opened a front against the central government.

Congressmen were also seen protesting in Patna. Congress leaders were taking out a march to the Raj Bhavan against inflation and unemployment. The Congress march was just a short distance away when the police barricaded them and stopped them. After that the commotion started. The workers started shouting slogans on the road.

Workers including Congress President were detained

Congress leaders accused the central government of misusing the police and government agencies and created a ruckus. Seeing the uproar, the police arrested Congress state president Madan Mohan Jha. After this, Congress workers surrounded the vehicle in which the administration had seated Madan Mohan Jha and started protesting against the arrest. Meanwhile, there was a slight scuffle between the police and the workers. Later, on the behest of Madan Mohan Jha, the workers calmed down. Then the police took Madan Mohan Jha to the police station. Meanwhile, more than a dozen activists who were creating a ruckus were also arrested by the police. He also took them to the police station by filling them in a Vajra vehicle.

‘Crime peak in the state’

Hundreds of Congress leaders and workers, led by Bihar Congress President Madan Mohan Jha, came out for the Raj Bhavan march on Friday. But before reaching Raj Bhavan, the police stopped them. After being stopped by the police, the angry Congressmen raised slogans against the government. During this, State President Madan Mohan Jha said that, ‘Crime is at its peak in the state. Criminals are roaming freely, but the police do not have time to catch them. When anyone raises voice about the problem of the public, the police is ready to take action on it.

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