October 4, 2022
Bilkis Bano Case Political storm over Shazia’s article, angry VHP seeks clarification from BJP

Bilkis Bano Case: The political struggle that started for the release of the convicts of Gujarat’s famous Bilkis Bano gang rape case is not taking its name to stop. Now only the affiliated organizations of BJP seem to be getting entangled with each other regarding this matter. Vishwa Hindu Parishad has expressed deep objection to an article by BJP’s national spokesperson Shazia Ilmi. In this article published in a reputed English daily of the country, Shazia Ilmi has said that after the release of the gangrape convicts, they have been respected by the VHP.

He also says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no role in the clemency and release of the culprits. Taking strong objection to this article of Shazia Ilmi, VHP has asked BJP to clarify its stand. VHP says that BJP should clarify whether this is Shazia Ilmi’s personal view or BJP’s stand? So far, there has been no response from the BJP in this matter.

VHP accused of respecting the culprits

In fact, the political atmosphere in Gujarat has been heating up for several days regarding the release of the convicts of the Bilkis Bano gang rape. There has also been a strong objection to this release from the leaders of the opposition. Several senior opposition leaders, including NCP chief Sharad Pawar, have raised questions about the role of the Gujarat government and the BJP in this matter. BJP’s national spokesperson Shazia Ilmi has written an article in the country’s reputed English daily regarding this matter.

In this article published on Friday, Shazia expressed grief over the release of the convicts of the Bilkis gangrape. She said that being a woman she was deeply saddened by this move. Along with this, he has also called this move a betrayal with a sense of justice. He said that he is surprised that even those convicted of such heinous crimes are released after serving a sentence of only 15 years.

Shazia has also written that VHP members have a hand in honoring these convicts after their release. He said that Prime Minister Modi has no role in granting clemency to the guilty and their release.

VHP furious over Shazia’s article

The VHP has become furious over this article by Shazia Ilmi. A deep objection has been raised on this article by the VHP. The organization’s national spokesperson Pravesh Chaudhary has described this article as part of a conspiracy to defame VHP. He lashed out at BJP spokesperson Shazia Ilmi, saying that she belonged to the Lutyens’ elite class and was an expert in spreading fake propaganda. He strongly objected to the VHP being dragged into the matter.

The VHP spokesperson said that Shazia Ilmi has no knowledge of the ideology of the Sangh and the VHP in particular. She also has no knowledge about Hindutva and is busy commenting on VHP. He said that during the last eight years, the central government formed by the VHP under the leadership of Narendra Modi has been given full support. In such a situation, the BJP spokesperson should desist from conspiring to defame the VHP.

VHP seeks clarification from BJP

Another national spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Vinod Bansal has also raised questions on Shazia’s article. He has also asked a question to the BJP in a tweet regarding this article. He said that the BJP should make it clear whether the things written in the article are the personal views of Shazia Ilmi or the stand of the BJP too.

He has described this article of Shazia as part of a conspiracy to divide and defame the party. He said that Shazia’s views are supportive of anti-India gangs. The questions raised by the VHP have also not been answered by the BJP.

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