October 5, 2022
Cheetah in India: After Bishnoi community, BJP leader protested over the food of cheetahs brought to India from Africa

Cheetah in India: Cheetah in India, brought to India from the African country Namibia, also dominated the international media. On September 17, the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these 8 African cheetahs were released in Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. There has been a ruckus in India over the food served to these cheetahs. The issue of deer and cheetal being served to cheetahs is getting heated. The special thing is that only BJP leaders have started opposing it.

Veteran non-Jat leader of Haryana Kuldeep Bishnoi has condemned the deer and cheetal being served to cheetahs in the meal. Bishnoi, the son of former CM Bhajanlal and who recently left the Congress and joined the BJP, has demanded the central government to stop it immediately.

Kuldeep Bishnoi expressed displeasure

Kuldeep Bishnoi, the MLA from Adampur assembly seat, tweeted and said, “Informations are coming about sending cheetals and deer for food to cheetahs, which is highly condemnable. I request the central government that in view of the deer species and the sentiments of the Bishnoi society, which is on the verge of extinction in Rajasthan, this matter should be investigated and if it is so, then it should be stopped immediately.

Bishnoi society has also expressed displeasure

The Bishnoi Samaj of Rajasthan, which has a spiritual connection with deer, has expressed its displeasure over this. Bishnoi Mahasabha President Devendra Boodia has also sent a letter to Prime Minister Modi regarding this. The letter said that the Bishnoi community was deeply hurt by the fact that cheetahs and deer were served as food for the cheetahs brought from Africa to restore the extinct cheetahs in India. The society has been protecting the environment, nature and wildlife for the last five centuries. The letter further said that we are the only society in the world, which has been making sacrifices for the sake of trees and wildlife. In this work 363 people of our society have sacrificed their lives.

Let us inform that 181 cheetals have been released in Kuno National Park, Sheopur, MP, to eradicate the hunger of African cheetahs. They have been brought here from Chidikho Sanctuary located in Narsinghgarh of Rajgarh district of MP. Experts from South Africa and Namibia suggested increasing the number of cheetals in the coons.

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