October 4, 2022
Election Expenses: BJP spent the most money in the assembly elections of 5 states, Congress also showed power

Election Expenses : Questions have often been raised about the huge expenditure incurred in elections in India. Political experts believe that due to the increasing interference of money power in elections, the participation of economically weaker sections in the political process is decreasing. The account of the amount spent by political parties in the assembly elections held in five states of the country earlier this year has reached the Election Commission.

The data available on the website of the Election Commission shows that the BJP has left everyone behind in terms of expenditure in these five election states. Out of the five states of UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, the BJP had won big in all the states except Punjab. In these elections, BJP had spent a total of Rs 344.27 crore. Which is 58 percent more than the amount spent during the elections held in these states five years ago. In the last election, BJP had spent Rs 218.26 crore, even then the party formed the government in 4 out of 5 states.

Congress also increased spending

The Congress, which is constantly shrinking from the political map of the country, has also increased the election expenditure drastically. However, despite this, he is far behind the BJP. According to the Election Commission data, the Congress spent Rs 194.80 crore in the five state elections, which is almost 80 percent more than the Rs 108.14 crore spent in 2017. However, still the party had to bear a heavy loss. The Congress, which gained power in one state (Punjab) after losing two state power (Uttarakhand, Manipur) in 2017 also lost to Punjab in 2022 and lost 5-0 in the assembly elections of five states.

BJP shed money in UP

The BJP, which won a clear majority at the Center thanks to Uttar Pradesh for two consecutive terms, shed money like water in the recent assembly elections. According to the data, the saffron party spent Rs 221.32 crore out of the total 344 crore in UP alone. However, the party also benefited from this and it again managed to return to power with a clear majority. In the 2017 elections, BJP spent Rs 175.10 crore in UP.

spending in other states

Talking about other states, the BJP spent Rs 36.70 crore in Punjab, while the party spent only Rs 7.43 crore in the 2017 assembly elections. Interestingly, in 2017 despite the low expenditure, the party got three seats in Punjab, which has now come down to just two. In Goa, BJP spent Rs 19.07 crore in this year’s election, which is four times more than its expenditure of Rs 4.37 crore in 2017. The party’s election expenditure in this year’s elections in Manipur and Uttarakhand was Rs 23.52 crore (7.86 crore in 2017) and Rs 43.67 crore (23.48 crore in 2017).

Let us tell you that the details of the state-wise election expenditure of the Congress in the assembly elections are not available. In the information given to the Election Commission, the Congress told that it spent Rs 15.57 crore in the virtual campaign. Let us tell you here that political parties have to submit the details of their election expenditure to the Election Commission within 75 days of the assembly elections and 90 days after the Lok Sabha elections.

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