October 3, 2022
Queen Elizabeth India Visit: Queen Elizabeth rides an elephant in Kashi

Queen Elizabeth India Visit: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday. After her death, Queen Elizabeth II is being remembered all over the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described her as a woman who inspires her nation. The Queen is also being remembered in Kashi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Modi. In fact, the Queen had visited India thrice and during her first visit, the Queen had also reached Kashi in 1961.

During her visit to Kashi, Queen Elizabeth II also took an elephant ride with the then Kashi King Vibhuti Narayan Singh. Sitting on the barge, he had also seen the beauty of the ghats of the Ganges in Kashi. During this, the echo of the slogans of Har Har Mahadev was also heard in Kashi, which the Queen was overwhelmed to hear.

Visited many major cities of the country

Her first visit is considered to be the most memorable of Queen Elizabeth II’s three visits to India. During this, she also became the chief guest of the Republic Day celebrations of the country. During his first visit he visited different parts of the country. He had also seen the famous symbol of love in Agra, the Taj Mahal. Standing in front of the Taj Mahal, she also posed for a picture with her husband Duke Philip.

He also visited Kolkata and Durgapur Steel Plant. During her first visit, the Queen also saw the beauty of the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Mysore and Jaipur. During this visit, the Queen also reached Kashi, which is considered the cultural capital of the country.

The grand welcome of the queen was held in Kashi

Vigorous preparations were made for the visit of the Queen of Britain to Kashi. In 1961, on 25 February, Queen Elizabeth visited Kashi. The then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had arrived to welcome the Queen. During this memorable visit of the Queen, her ride took off from Nadesar Palace.

He had taken an elephant ride with Kashi King Late Vibhuti Narayan Singh. Thousands of people standing on the side of the roads raised slogans of Har Har Mahadev during the ride on this elephant of the Queen till the sandy ghat. The Queen was given such a grand and rousing welcome during this visit to Kashi that she looked completely giddy.

The questions were asked after seeing the burning pyres

During her visit to Kashi, Queen Elizabeth also visited the beautiful ghats on the banks of the Ganges. A barge was decorated very beautifully to make the queen see the ghats of the Ganges. The Queen also visited Manikarnika Ghat, the famous crematorium of Kashi. After seeing the burning pyres at Manikarnika Ghat, the Queen also asked many questions. He was very curious to see the burning pyres and Kashi Naresh Vibhuti Narayan Singh, who was present on the barge with the Queen, pacified his curiosity.

The Queen was overwhelmed by the grand welcome

The old people of Kashi still remember that memorable visit of the Queen. The Queen’s visit to Kashi was also prominently published in the famous newspapers of London. Photos of Manikarnika Ghat were published under the title Burning Ghats of Kashi.

The old people of Kashi say that the Queen was very much overwhelmed by the welcome given to Kashi during her visit. He had expressed happiness over the warm welcome in talks with several prominent people who were accompanying him. After the death of the Queen, her visit to Kashi is being remembered.

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