October 4, 2022
Bullet 350 Bike: Now bring Bullet home for just Rs 9000, the company took out this great offer

Bullet 350 Bike: About 70 people out of 100 people are fond of bullets. Many people dream of buying bullets. In such a situation, if you get a new bullet for only 9000 rupees, then how will it be for you. Yes, this is a great offer from the company. Actually, the company has taken out a special offer for those customers who are unable to buy Royal Enfield motorcycles due to financial problems. But now by taking advantage of this offer of the company, you can buy Royal Enfield Bullet for just Rs 9000.

The bikes of Royal Enfield Company are the best sellers in the country in the 350 cc segment. The bikes made by this company are used by millions of people due to their regal look and vintage style and want to use them in future also.

Just have to deposit 9000, and bike at your home

But the price of the bike is slightly higher than the rest of the normal bikes, due to which customers shy away from buying Royal Enfield motorcycles. But now those same customers have got a special offer from the company. With which you can buy this Royal Enfield Bullet for just Rs 9000.

Actually Royal Enfield has provided financing option to its customers. Under this, the company is selling the company’s bikes in deposits and monthly installments. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has the lowest down payment in the list. 9000 rupees will be required as a deposit just to buy this bike.

How much amount will be paid during the installments?

Now the question arises that if you invest Rs 9000 then how much will be the monthly installment. For example, the entry-level model of the Bullet 350 costs Rs 1,71,017 to drive on the roads of Delhi.

According to the online EMI calculator, you will have to pay around Rs 5,000 per month if you want to pay for more than three years.

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