October 3, 2022
Video of 60 girls bathing in Chandigarh University goes viral, 8 girl students attempt suicide

Chandigarh University Video Viral: The shameful act of a student of Chandigarh University became the reason for a huge uproar. This student, living in the hostel of this university located in Mohali, made a video of about 60 girl students while taking a bath and sent it to a young man she knew. This young man made these videos of girl students bathing viral on social media, after which there was a huge uproar.

There was a ruckus in the university till late night regarding this matter while the university officials remained silent in this regard. Out of the girl students whose video has gone viral, about eight girl students have attempted suicide. Police has started investigation into the matter. The accused student has been taken into custody.

Familiar youth of the student went viral

In this incident of Chandigarh University, a girl student did a shameful act with other girl students. The video of girl students bathing is not made in one day. This student was busy making videos of other girl students living in the hostel for a long time while taking a bath. After making a video of fellow girl students taking a bath, this student used to send it to a young man she knew.

Sources say that this young man has made the video of 60 girl students bathing viral. When the students came to know about this video going viral, there was a ruckus. The students of the university created a ruckus over this incident.

The incident of the video of the bathing going viral has shocked the girl students. Eight of these girl students attempted suicide. After attempting suicide, these girl students are being admitted to different hospitals and being treated.

Huge commotion in university

After the matter came to light, there was resentment among the students of the university and they created a huge ruckus in the university late at night. Slogans were also raised against the university management. On the other hand, the university management was busy in suppressing and covering up the whole matter. The students allege that despite complaining in this regard, no action was taken.

anger against the police

The main gate of the university was closed after the students gheraoed them. In view of the apprehension of increasing commotion, police have been deployed in the university. Enraged by this incident, the students also vented their anger on the police. After overturning the PCR vehicles of the police, the police overpowered the students by lathi-charge.

Despite being such a big matter, no official statement has been given by the university officials and the police in this matter so far. On the other hand, those girl students are very upset whose bathing video has gone viral on social media. Even today there can be a huge uproar in the university regarding this matter.

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